Pūrṇimā • पूर्णिमा

Pūrṇimā • पूर्णिमा

Purnima by Manuka


The Moon is aligned with the Sun and Earth, in an exact straight line.

Four men are searching for their answers.

A man beneath a Banyan tree will provide them all.


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पूर्णिमा – Pūrṇimā is Sanskrit for full moon.

It is the day in each month that marks the division in each month between the two lunar fortnights.

Legend has it that on a night like this, four elderly men who were seeking answers found a young man sitting beneath a Banyan tree.

The youthful yet sage Master gave the old men all they wanted while smiling and remaining totally silent.

Light hit them through, all doubts disappeared. Then, the Guru lineage begun.

If you stick to the best way you are at the moment and observe the paths proven by your Guru, the shine will come to you and you’ll be the star of your life.


About the authors

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A talented Panamanian, musical duo.

Passionate and hard working, Hernan and Adalberto thrive to provide a top & unique experience to their listeners.

Eclectic music lovers, Manuka’s style is based on providing positive quality music and an extraordinary story. It is the feeling of the moment, the audience that determines the style each time.

Their live sets are based on a hybrid set where many live elements – midi keyboards, guitars, microphone along with other elements- are incorporated along with tracks that explore all music genres.

Their multifaceted ability to create their sound live along with selected tracks creates a unique experience.

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Listen to Purnima on soundcloud

Purnima is Manuka’s tale of the Full Moon and the connection it has to enlightenment and fulfillment.

Check out their Twitch account to find past streams by this incredible duo! twitch.tv/manukasound


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