La Diosa Ix Chel

La Diosa Ix Chel

Ix Chel by OSO


A love story is in danger.

Itzamná will fight for Ixchel till death.

This is how the Gods of Moon and Sun were born.


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Mayan Princess Ixchel was extraordinarily beautiful and therefore had many suitors.

Her favourite among them was Itzamná, a Mayan prince and priest from Bacalar.

One day a prince from another empire came and fell in love with Ixchel. But Ixchel was in love with Itzamná and did not want to let go of him.

In order to solve the issue, Ixchel’s older sister Ixtab proposed a deadly duel.

Just when Itzamná was about to defeat the prince, the latter tricked and killed him.
To this sight, Ixchel took her own life and both souls elevated to heaven.

This is how Gods of the Moon and Sun were born.


About the author

Born in Miami and raised in a thriving Venezuela, Jose AKA OSO relocated from the City of Angels to Tulum.
He is the resident dj of the notorious Hábitas Baja El Sol Sunset, where he played along with international artists such as Goldcap, Sabo and Kora.

A selector since a very young age, OSO developed a very unique approach to music while spacing through techno, acid and experimental electronic. Today, his dark yet loving melodies echo the characters of film noir, orchestrated by primal rhythms and instrumental peaks.

His path took him through formative years in Los Angeles and now in Tulum, Mexico. Here, he continues to perfect his selecting and patiently fine tunes his work as an emerging producer, with his most recent project being LOW/CHROMA.

Enjoy the sonic travel of the 4th Full Moon Stories, Ix Chel by OSO.

A cosmic love story with a final twist.

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